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Workshop on Gel Injection Treatment

For Knee Arthritis Covered By Medicare

How to Avoid Cortisone & Surgery

Learn More About Gel Injections, Stem Cell Therapies, Non-Surgical Regenerative Medicine Options For Knee Pain

If you or a friend is still suffering from knee pain from arthritis, join us and learn about your modern non-surgical, non-cortisone options for knee arthritis and knee pain from injuries. We now offer treatments covered by Medicare and insurance including Gel Injections (viscosupplementation). We will also discuss the latest in Stem Cell Therapy, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and Prolozone™. You will learn how they can help heal injuries, reverse the damage, eliminate pain, and prevent further degeneration. It’s time to get you back to doing what you love.

✅Avoid Cortisone & Surgery.
✅Eliminate Pain & Prevent Further Degeneration
✅Regenerative Therapies Heal Tissue
✅Modern Alternatives to Invasive Procedures
💚Get Back To Doing What You Love

Seating is very limited. We will be practicing social distancing to keep everyone safe and comfortable while learning about this important topic.

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Getting older is inevitable. Suffering is optional.


Knee Arthritis Workshop Time:


Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - Portsmouth, NH 

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm  

Center for Wellbeing
3201 Lafayette Rd.
Portsmouth, NH 03801


Here's a taste of what you'll learn at this workshop:

Learn about the modern healing technologies that regenerate tissue, cushion the knee joint, reduce inflammation, and put your body back into balance.  

  • We will discuss the following solutions: Gel Injections or Viscosupplementation, Stem Cell-Derived Regenerative Biologics, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Prolozone™️/Prolotherapy, and more. No more just masking symptoms with medications. We get to the root cause of your inflammation for sustainable health.  
  • We will discuss proven results: Why these innovate options are particularly effective in helping such conditions as osteoarthritis of the knee, tendonitis, and chronic pain. Progressive Orthopedic Surgeons Say, "With non-surgical Regenerative Medicine options for injuries and bone-on-bone arthritis, patients can experience a significant decrease in pain and improved range of motion within weeks of their procedure." 
  • Center for Wellbeing has served over 2,000 patients with Regenerative Therapies and is the first clinic in New England to offer these advanced Regenerative & Functional Medicine options.  
  • To reserve your seat, click the button below or call (603) 380-9159. When you attend, you’ll receive a special reduced price exam and consultation to explore your options.

Leadership Team

Join the Center for Wellbeing team and learn about the latest in Regenerative & Functional Medicine options.


Tom J. Patient - Pain from Torn Meniscus, gone.

"I was recently diagnosed with a torn meniscus, and decided to go with a regenerative option 6 weeks ago. I can now climb stairs and walk distances that were unthinkable before. I have been sleeping much better. In fact I am sleeping at least 7 hours a night with no aches and pains."

Our patients say the results are life-changing!


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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - Portsmouth, NH 5:30pm