Knee Pain Workshop | November 9th 5:30pm-6:30pm

Center for Wellbeing: 3201 Lafayette Rd. Portsmouth, NH

How To Avoid Surgery & Cortizone for Knee Pain, Arthritis, and Injuries

Join us to learn about modern alternatives to invasive surgeries, including Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, Gel Injections, Prolozone™, and more.
Gel Injections ARE covered by Medicare.


If You Suffer From Knee Pain Arthritis...

If you feel like you've tried everything to get rid of your knee pain, including painful cortisone injections and pain medications, or if you've considered having or have had invasive knee surgery; then this workshop is for you. Here's why...

There's a way you can live a pain-free life without painful cortisone injections, medications that simply mask the symptoms, or invasive knee replacement surgeries.

And if you don't explore other options, cortisone and surgery become your only choice.

If You Don’t Do Something About It...
It Will Get Worse

What most people do when they begin to experience knee pain is ignore it, take harmful medication or get cortisone injections to temporarily relieve their pain, or spend time, money and take a risk to replace their knee.

But...for most people, none of that works because:

  • Pain medications only provide temporary relief and mask the symptoms.
  • Cortisone injections provide temporary relief and cause long term damage
  • And replacing your knee is expensive, has a long recovery time, and can have risks.

How I Discovered Modern Therapies for Knee Pain:

Here's the story: As the Clinic Director at the Center for Wellbeing, I spent years helping thousands of patients reduce their pain.

However, inevitably, as patients age, many were forced to have surgery when walking became difficult and extremely painful.

Then I discovered modern regenerative therapies not being offered by traditional orthopedic doctors and some treatments are even covered by insurance. I was introduced to these therapies five years ago by my progressive orthopedic colleagues. At the time, many of the therapies were only available for people with private jets, like professional athletes. We have been using these therapies for three years in our Portsmouth, NH office. It's so rewarding to help our patients reduce or even eliminate their pain, and help them get back to doing the things they love and enjoy life.

We've had over 2,000 patients come to the Center for Wellbeing to realize a pain-free life without the need for expensive surgeries, harmful medications, or painful injections. 

It Worked For These People, And It Could Work For You

"I had painful arthritis in my knees for years. After having regenerative therapies at the Center for Wellbeing, I'm able to work out and feel healthy again. It still feels great after 3 years" - Greg | Age 51

"I love to ski, but my knee pain from old injuries and chronic pain kept me off the slopes. I tried PRP and Stem Cell Derived Biologics. I'm now skiing with no pain and able to be with my family again. Happy I did it." - Steve| Age 72

"My knee pain kept me from playing golf with my husband and friends. I wanted a new solution and after having Gel Injections, I'm back on the golf course enjoying life." - Nancy | Age 47

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you register and join us for this Free Workshop on Knee Pain Solutions, you'll get the secret to living a life without knee pain...

  • What traditional doctors won't tell you
  • What's going on inside your knee
  • And why traditional treatments are only temporary

Join us and learn your non-surgical knee pain options.

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